Warehouse Labeling Requirements

  1. The warehouse has the right to refuse to accept counterfeit brands, goods that are not predicted in advance, returned by private letter or goods without customer ID, and will not be responsible for the consequences.
  2. Before confirming the cooperation, the customer should inform the warehouse account manager of the clear operation requirements and confirm the charging standard;
  3. When the logistics provider delivers to the door, it may send the wrong address. The US overseas warehouse can only sign for the whole batch, and the receipt certificate provided by the logistics provider cannot be used as the proof of the receipt of the goods by the overseas warehouse.

Labeling process


(1) For goods sent to FBA, 2 FBA labels must be posted on the outer box of each piece of goods on different box surfaces. The posted box surfaces should be flat and intact. To avoid damage during transportation, do not post them on the sealing opening.

(2) The outer box should be clean, thick, and of good quality, and there should be necessary fillers in the box to avoid the box being squeezed and deformed, resulting in unrecognizable labels.

(3) Pay attention to the goods that need to be express, and do not stick the express sheet on the label.

(4) The label should be printed completely, try to print the label with reference to the size of Amazon’s background, not too large or too small.


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