Photo verification service

When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the warehouse staff should take pictures of each goods, and then check the customer to check whether the goods are damaged.

  • Taking pictures of goods refers to the operation of taking pictures and videos of finished products, related accessories, color boxes, outer boxes, pallets, etc. of goods.
  • The background of the product photo should be clean and refreshing, and the product photo should be clear, without overlapping, blur, polarized light and other phenomena.
  • The photos of the goods should be regularly uploaded from the camera to the specified computer for archiving, so as to facilitate subsequent traceability inquiries.

Conventional cargo photo process

01.Product box photo

Take a box of packaged products, first take a picture of the outer box as a whole, and then take a picture of the front and side squeaks of the outer box.

02.Product packaging photo

Take photos of the packaging and placement of the product in the box. If there are parts packages in the box, you need to take photos of the parts packages separately.

03.Overall product photo

First, take a photo of the overall appearance of the product, and choose a suitable location to show the overall shape and appearance of the product.

04.Product details photo

Take pictures or videos of the details of each angle of the product, 360 degrees without dead ends need to be photographed.

05.Product structure photo

Take pictures of the key components inside the product, such as power supply, power cord, terminal block, internal wiring method and connection and fixing method.

06.Product test photo

Before the product function test, during the test, and after the test, take pictures or videos to record the product status in real time.

07.Product problem photo

When the inspection finds any bad problem, take a photo to record the bad problem point, and skip this step when no problem is found in the inspection.

08.problem solving result

Take photos and record the opinions or special purchase orders signed by the business department on the order.

09.Product loading photo

Before the product is shipped and loaded, the status of the cargo stack is photographed and recorded, and the loading status of the product is photographed and recorded when the product is loaded.