Container Loading Service

Whale House has set up a cargo loading service to assemble the cargo and carry out unified cargo loading. The cargo loading is divided into full containers and loose containers. FCL refers to the transportation that meets the three conditions of one consignor, one consignee, and one destination port at the same time in the container transportation business. Bulk container means that the cargo consigned by the owner is less than the whole container, and the agent sorts the cargo and assembles the cargo to the same destination into the same container.

cargo loading process

1) Before loading

  • Draw up a cabinet plan
  • stocking
  • The library prepares the packing list and the packing record form in advance

2) Loading process

Adjust while loading the container, and pack it as neatly as possible. Do not put all heavy goods together, which will easily cause the container to be unbalanced and increase the risk of accidents.

The tally clerk, loading supervisor or recorder should also record in detail the starting time, ending time, driver information, cabinet number, seal number, license plate number, forklift truck and number of workers.

3) After loading the cabinet

Organize the photos of the cabinets in time, which photos correspond to which cabinets, and don’t mess up. Also pay attention to the order of the photos, which one is one third of the way up, which one is two-thirds full, and so on.

Finally, check the packing list and packing record to ensure that all the goods are packed and nothing is missed.